Yes, you can verify your TutorBird hosted website for use with the Google Search Console. The verification file (html file) is provided by Google so you will need a Google Search Console account.

In order to verify your website: 

  1. Log in to your Google Search Console account by following the link provided (
  2. Click on the red "Add A Property" button.
  3. Enter in the URL of the website you would like to verify (enter your TutorBird web address).
  4. Download the HTML verification file provide from Google (example: google8e3dd0385bf5d1b9.html).
  5. Upload the HTML verification file into the "Media Library" of your website in TutorBird.
  6. In Google Search Console, confirm successful upload by visiting the displayed URL in your browser (ex.
  7. Click on the red "Verify" button to complete the verification process.

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