You can set the status of your students to Active, Trial, Waiting, Lead, and Inactive. Here's a quick breakdown of what you can do with each one and why you might want to use each Student Status.

Active: This student is taking lessons with your business. All features are enabled for this student.

Trial: A trialing student is functionally the same as an Active student but provides a way to segment your student list so you can easily identify which students haven’t yet committed to lessons for the long term. Once they decide to become long-term students, you can switch their status to Active 

Waiting: If you are not currently accepting new students, you can assign them to your waitlist. As spots open up, you can move a Waiting student to the Active status. A student with this status cannot be scheduled, but they can be emailed.

Lead: If someone has shown interest or enquired about lessons but is not prepared to commit to lessons, you may consider keeping them as a Lead. They cannot be scheduled, but they can be emailed.

Inactive: This student is no longer taking lessons with you. Their attendance history, notes, and financial records are still stored in TutorBird.They are not able to access the Student Portal any longer.

Find out more here about how to change a student's status.