If you're using your TutorBird-hosted website to collect student registrations, you can create custom fields to collect business-specific information. By default, a student's first and last name, a parent's first and last name and email are collected. The available Optional Fields will correspond to TutorBird fields found in the student profile:

You can also click "+Add Field"to create a custom question. Any information collected from these questions will be put into the "Student Notes"field.

  1. Click the green "+ Add Field"button.
  2. Enter the Field Name.
  3. Choose the method of collection, whether it's Per Form or Per Student. (Please see the tip below!)
  4. Choose the Type from the drop-down menu.
  5. You can enter a Hint to show an example of what should be completed in the field.
  6. You can choose to make the field Required in order to submit the form.
  7. Click "Save Settings".
Please Note: Custom fields can be asked either “once per form” or “once per student” (since multiple students can be signed up at the same time). For example, Skill Level will need to be completed “once per student,” but a Policy Agreement checkbox only needs to be answered “once per form.”