To provide access to the Student Portal, you'll first need to add the "Student Portal Login" widget to your website, or add a "Login" page to your TutorBird website. Your families will always navigate to this web page to log into the Portal. 

When adding the widget, there is no mention of the TutorBird website. This allows your families to focus on the branded experience that your business provides while using our powerful Student Portal as an added value.

Step 1: Adding the Portal to your website: 

If you have an existing business website, click for the following instructions on adding our "Login" widget/page:

Adding a "Login" page to your TutorBird hosted website

Adding a "Login" widget to your Wix website 

Adding a "Login" widget to your Squarespace website

Adding a "Login" widget to your Weebly website

If your website is hosted elsewhere, click here for instructions on adding our "Login" widget to your site.

Note: If you require any assistance or aren't sure how to add the "Login" widget, feel free to reach out to our support team for assistance.

Step 2: Sending Student Portal login information. 

You can send out login invitations on a per-student basis or in bulk to multiple students. For step-by-step instructions on sending Student Portal login information, click here

The portal invitations will require your families to set up a password, and will direct them to your web-page with the portal "Login" widget. 

Step 3: Start using the Student Portal! 

Once your families have signed up, they can log into the Portal to view their schedule and upcoming lessons, track any study time, access their attendance records and lots more!