If you're using TutorBird's payroll feature for your multi-tutor business, the attendance will affect the payroll entries. Generally speaking, billable events always create payroll entries; non-billable events do not. The easy way to remember this is that if the business makes money, the tutor makes money too. The only time this is not the case, is if your business has opted to pay the tutor when a make-up credit is used rather than when the make-up credit is issued (default). 

Here are a few examples:

  • If a student is marked "Present ($)" for a lesson, then the tutor will have a payroll entry created for that account.
  • If a student is marked "Absent, Notice Given", then this lesson is not billable, and no payroll entry is created.
  • If a student is marked "Absent, Make-up ($)", then the lesson is billed and a payroll entry is created. When the make-up lesson is taught, the make-up lesson is not billable (since it was paid for when the make-up credit was issued), and no payroll entry is created.