You're seeing that message in your business notifications because a tutor has been substituted into, or out of, a lesson and TutorBird can't tell how much to adjust that tutors pay by. 

This occurs if the tutor is paid a percentage of the business' revenue and the student pays a flat monthly rate. TutorBird is unsure how to adjust the payroll in this circumstance, so it creates a "stub" entry in the tutor's "Payroll" tab.

Entries that need attention are marked with a small red triangle. Edit those payroll entries and add the necessary pay (or deduction) amounts that the tutor should be paid for teaching (or missing) that lesson.

To find the stub entry and add or deduct income:

  1. Navigate to "Tutors & Admins" from the main menu on the left.
  2. Click the blue "Edit" button to the left of the tutor's name.
  3. Select the "Payroll" tab.
  4. Click the blue "Edit" button to the left of the payroll entry.
  5. Make the necessary changes and click "Save".